There is nothing more annoying than a personal blog which doesn’t explain who’s who.  Without introductions, how on earth are you supposed to know who Snugglebum or Fluffykin are?!



That’s what this page is for.



Student Nutty Nurse and I know a lot of the same people, though I tend to write about them more than he does.



So, let’s get started.



First up is Best Friend.  Obviously this is one is pretty self explanatory. 

She is my best friend, my drinking buddy, partner in crime and one of the people closest to me.  We’ve known each other for about four years now, originally met at work and have been together ever since.  I wouldn’t be without her.  Best Friend is both pretty and clever with a love of sex, reading, music and physics.  She is also the owner of Best Friend’s Bloke and The Cool Kid.



Next we have Mr Flirt.  He is probably my closest male friend.  We’re food buddies and eat out every couple of weeks.  We swap porn links and generally misbehave.  He used to be my boss but then we became friends.  I’ve also known him for about four years and our friendship revolves around two of the F’s – food and flirting.  He’s a family man with a naughty streak which he likes to indulge every now and again.



Then we have Miss Nice As Pie.  She was originally friends with Best Friend, which is how we met.  We go about as a threesome and get up to some mischief.  She is a lovely person to know, always kind and good hearted but a lot of fun too.  She is a single parent and the owner of The Great Ball Of Energy.  Miss Nice As Pie is funny and clever, with a penchant for films, scrabble and Harry Potter.



Another person who is important in my life, but is in and out like a yo-yo is Student Nutty Nurse.  He was my boss after Mr Flirt, but we became good friends.  Our friendship is based on being quite rude to each other and often results in us fighting, but neither of us takes it seriously.  You can read more about him on the About page, as he posts on here whenever the urge takes him!



Then there’s Mini Adult.  She’s one of my nieces (well, it’s one of those long complicated family things, where she’s really a cousin, but for all intents and purposes she’s my niece!).  She’s 8 going on 18 and will soon need to be renamed as Stroppy Teenager!  Her sister, Little Person, is just over a year and far too scary for me to look after by myself, though she’s showing early signs of being quite cool as she has an obvious foot fetish!  Mad Aunt is her Nan, and her parents are Cool Cousin Turned Housewife and The Welsh Family Man.



The other person who needs mentioning is Student Nutty Nurse’s wife.  In true SNN style, he refers to her as Bird or Other Half.  I know.  Not great.  They’ve been married for about three years now, but have been together a lot longer than that.  They adore each other and work well as a team.  


Other people who make a (very) occasional appearance are my work colleagues; The Posh Chav, Gothic Vicky Pollard, The Arty One, The Wee Bald Man (my big boss), Life Experience Herself (my boss) and Ms Not So Innocent.


There are lots of other people kicking about in our lives, but these are the main ones that get written about.  As and when that changes, so will this page.  Very fickle people, us bloggers.


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