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This made my week.


Yesterday, waking up after a pretty crappy week, I found this! 

Heather, over at The Wishful Writer, has kindly awarded me the ‘You make me smile’ award.

Heather, what can I say?  Thank you so much.  Your blog always makes me laugh and yesterday you certainly made me smile!  Quick, everyone go over to Heather’s.  You’re guaranteed a laugh.


Christmas, Chocolate and Cabbies.

So, here it is.  The first (or second depending if you count my other post along these lines!) installment of Sunday Supplement – the (fairly) regular round up of ‘news’ in the wonderful world of the Sunday papers.

So without further ado, let’s get on with it!

A cabbie in Cambridge has a novel way of entertaining his passengers.  He dons a fez and treats them to Tommy Cooper impressions.  This certainly beats the drivers I normally get, who seem to see me as someone to hold hostage whilst they inform me of their (usually) dubious and bigoted political views!

Here’s some thinking I can understand.  The 125 strong crew of HMS Endurance have stocked up with 40,000 bars of chocolate in case they get stranded on their mission to the Antarctic.  There is other food on board obviously, but they seemed more concerned about running out of chocolate, baked beans and pop!

The Health and Safety people are making their rounds again.  The organisers of Halesowen’s local Christmas parade have been told that Santa can only make an appearance if he agrees to wear a seat belt whilst driving his sleigh.  Next they’ll be wanting him to have airbags and decide that Rudolph’s nose isn’t the correct level of brightness!

However, maybe this partly led to their decision.  Part of the Northbound M3 motorway carriage was closed yesterday.  Firefighters were called to the scene where two reindeer and a sleigh had overturned in their trailer on their way to another local display.  Bet they wished they’d got their seatbelt now!  (For the animal lovers amongst us apparently the reindeer were fine and weren’t hurt at all)

And finally…

My horoscopes have informed me that as one door closes, another opens, that my soulmate will be arriving shortly, that I will learn new work skills and destiny plans a meeting in a supermarket.  So, if I’ve got it right then I will lose my job, get a new one in the local Tesco and probably have an affair with my new boss!  Great.  Something to look forward to for this week then!

Trying a new thing.

A lot of blogs seem to have some sort of regular feature, whether it’s something like a Wordless Wednesday, blog reviews or a agony aunt slot.  I quite enjoy these and thought I’d give it a go myself.

So, my regular feature will be ‘Sunday Supplement’, a round up of more exciting bits of ‘news’ in the Sunday papers. 

A while back, I wrote about one of my Sunday rituals: my tabloid education.  I love getting the papers on a Sunday, not for the main news (there’s BBC24 for that!) but for the small stories down the sides, the celebrity gossip and just the pure trash factor.  There’s some great stuff in there, not much of it useful but I love it all the same and you never know, we might all learn something!

So we’ll give it a go and see what happens.  See you tomorrow!

Insert your own title here.

The audit appears to have fried my brain!  I’ve sat down to write, but keep coming up with…nothing.  I’ve got a couple of things in draft form, but can’t seem to turn them into anything.

So, I will leave you with a few random things that have been going round in my poor little brain today and then I’m off to visit all of your pages.

How come I went skirt shopping this morning, but managed to come back with no skirt and a new pair of shoes?!?

I really love it when it’s been so long since I’ve read a book that when I re-read it, I’ve forgotten the ending.  It’s just like a new one!

Why does cold weather make you want to wee more?

I’m dog and house sitting for Student Nutty Nurse in a couple of weeks.  They also have a donkey.  I don’t know yet if I’m supposed to look after that too.  Maybe my new rule in life should be before I agree to something, find out if a donkey is involved first!!

I really should update my blogroll.  I keep meaning to do this, a job for the weekend perhaps?

That’s it!  It seems that me and my brain are still in need of some more time to relax and recover.  I’m at a friends house for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll be back at the weekend.

Take care and see you all then.

And relax!

Ok.  The audit is over.  The preliminary report isn’t too bad and there shouldn’t be any surprises in the final report, so it looks like that side of things should be fine.  Everything else also seems to be calming down so it’s time for me to relax.

I’m still knackered so I’m just popping in tonight to say Hi, but will be back properly in the next couple of days.

Oh, what I did want to tell you about was a conversation I overheard this morning in Starbucks. 

The two barristers (is that what they’re called? I’m sure it’s something like that) were talking about the local Christmas display in the shopping centre, complete with Santa’s grotto.  One was making the point that taking your kid to visit Father Christmas is quite an odd concept really.  Her point was that we spend all year telling our kids not to talk to strangers, yet at Christmas we actively encourage them to go and sit on some strange blokes knee.

I’ve never really thought about it before.  On the one hand we have what should be a fun, innocent Christmas tradition, on the other there’s the knowledge of what people can unfortunately be capable of.

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I work in mental health and one of the side effects so to speak, is that you can end up seeing the possibility for abuse everywhere but I could kind of see her point.

Still.  I wouldn’t miss seeing the amazement in my niece’s eyes when she was younger and saw the Main Man, for anything.


It’s the only thing to do when the shit hits the fan!

Finding the time to blog recently has been a bit of a push and I wanted to let you all know I’m unlikely to be around until next week.  I’ll still be able to check emails and read all of your blogs (thanks google reader!), but commenting and posting my own will be difficult.

It’s bad timing when both your work and personal lives decide to go a bit screwy at the same time.

A combination of clients either in court (naughty boys) or having major surgery (in London!), a colleague resigning with immediate effect and a three day visit from the auditors next week means that I have been (and will be) working all day, in the evenings and at the weekend.  Can anyone explain the concept of free time to me?  I appear to have forgotten what that’s like!

Add to that two friends in crisis, a demanding family, long standing commitments and the occasional need to sleep (I know, very selfish, but there you go!) means that I seem to find myself just moving from one situation to another wishing for a remote control to pause time so I can at least have a cigarette in peace.

What do you reckon the chances are of me finding a scientist on a Tuesday night who would be willing to clone me NOW?!

Oh, and when I get back can someone please remind me to tell you about my day spent in a hospital with staff who appeared to think they were in a Carry On film!

Wish me luck and I’ll see you all as soon as I can!

Ooo, a pretty, shiny thing!


I have met some wonderful people in the blogosphere.  People that though I have never met them in real life, feel like friends.

I have been awarded the Be The Blog award by one of these people, Stealth.  Her blog is one of my regular reads and there’s always something there to make me laugh.  Stealth – thank you so much for the award.

The Be The Blog awards were created by Mark over at Me & My Drum.  This is a new award for bloggers who “make the blog their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers and just plain have fun”.

So, in time honoured fashion, it is my turn to award this to other people who ‘are’ their blog.  I am going to award this to three women whose blogs I read as often as I can.  All make me laugh each and every time, are always welcoming and write some great stuff.  So, without further ado, I am passing this on to Fish, Heather and Agnes.