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About Bl**dy Time Too!!

Hello, Good evening and Welcome.

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to apologise for my tardiness. I must confess that I have received one or two nudging emails asking me when I was going to post a bloggy thing as my audience was waiting. I suppose I could blame it on stage fright, but actually I reckon I must be one of the busiest students in England. In fact, quite possibly, the world.

The first time I went to university I opted for a ‘student friendly’ course – water-based leisure management. This translates as learning to windsurf and sail for two years on a part time basis and spend the rest of the time in the Student bar. Cracking. Then a year or so ago I had a bright idea and decided to relive my uni days for a second time. Bird, sorry – other half, is already a qualified nutty nurse and seeing as I wrote most of her essays I thought I’d have a crack at it as well. How hard can it possibly be? Regurgitate all the essays and fly through the practice placements and Robert’s your father’s brother – qualified. Then the reality of being a mature student on a course with a new curriculum. New essays, different modules, full time course, dismal bursary, mortgage to pay, loads of bills so working almost equivalent of a full time job on top of a full time course.

Now, I’m not one to whinge – honest, but this is hard work. I am now realising that there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Yes – I know, women have known this for ages.

Anyway, now that I have made my excuses, I have an esay to write. However, I have noticed that a number of inaccuracies have been written about me which I believe amount to defamation of character. I shall aim to clarify and put the record straight on my next visit to this cyberbloggywebbynetty thing.

Sorry for all the hype. Bet you’re all gutted now!!


An announcement and possible warning!

I thought I should let you all know now.

This way you have time to prepare yourselves.

The former Mr Playmate will be joining us on this blog. He has finally decided on his name and will be known from now on as…

Drum roll, please…

Student Nutty Nurse.

I know. But he seems happy with it anyway. His inspiration is that he is training to be a Community Psychiatric Nurse, despite his fear of needles and the fact that he faints at the sight of blood!

Student Nutty Nurse will be an occasional author and will randomly put up posts as and when he feels the urge. Please do not feel you have to be too nice to him, really, he’s not used to it and won’t know how to react. Also, I cannot impress on you enough the danger involved if his ego gets any bigger – it won’t be a pretty sight!

Having said that, he’s a funny bloke and makes me laugh a lot. He is VERY sarcastic and has a dry sense of humour. It may take some time but you’ll get used to him. Don’t be offended by him, the majority of his insults are said with a smile on his face and he likes it if people stand up to him!

Despite all of that, I’m pleased to have him around. So now all there is to do is sit back and wait for him to grace us with his presence.

One time only

This is the first and last time I will do this.

Mr Playmate and I rarely apologise to each other, no matter what we’ve done. Our friendship is based on taking the piss, playing jokes and fighting about anything and everything.

However, I will make an exception in this case.

I am sorry for giving you a blog name that makes you sound like a brand of condoms.

He will no longer go by Mr Playmate. Until he tells me what he wants to be known as, I will refer to him as Name Pending.

I have to go and lie down now to recover from the shock to my system that apologising to you has caused!