This page is for those odds and sods that don’t really fit on their own page, so they are going to live here.


We love comments.  Please feel free to join in the conversation and let us know what you think.  You don’t have to agree with us, but please don’t be too mean, we’re quite sensitive souls really.

We’ll always respond to comments that people have left (unless you confuse or scare us, in which case we’ll just sort of flounder around for a bit!).  At least Alcoment will respond, Student Nutty Nurse is often busy and can’t always give a prompt reply!


We’ll start off with a polite note.

Please don’t copy anything on this site.  Unless otherwise stated, it’s all come out of either mine or Student Nutty Nurse’s head.

If you want to link to anything, then that’s fine, please just let us know you’ve done it.

If you want to use anything you see written here then just drop Alcoment an email and we’ll take it from there.

If you know us in real life

We’re glad you’re around and we know that several people we know read the blog.  Feel free to join in and comment where you want to, but please stick to the blog names we’ve given people, they’re there for a reason!


If for any reason you want to contact us, but don’t want to leave a comment, then feel free to email Alcoment at and we’ll get back to you!


If we like your site, then we’ll put you on our blogroll.  If we don’t, we won’t.  We don’t respond to specific link requests.  To us, our blogroll is for those sites we like and want to recommend to other people, not just a pseudo ‘Look how many people I know’ brag space, or attempt to gain the world record for how many links you can get in one place.

And just as we won’t link to you just because you’ve put us on your blogroll, we don’t expect people to blogroll us unless you like what you’re reading.  Sound fair enough?


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