Nipples, Peeping Toms and the End of the World!

It’s Sunday, so it must be time for Sunday Supplement!

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Residents near Swansea’s Christmas Ferris wheel have been successful in their bid for it to be moved.  They lodged complaints after it was discovered that the wheels passengers could see straight into their flat windows!  How’s that for a thrilling ride…

Apparently the surprise Internet Christmas shopping hit this year has been fridge magnets cast from human nipples.  Well, it’s a bit different from the dancing flowers that were all the rage a few years back!

Hungary have now brought out an employee specification for Santa.  Requirements reported are a height of at least 5 foot 7 inches, a deep voice and the necessary pass mark in a Santa exam.  Where’s the big belly and white beard?!

And finally, how’s this for interactive?  Worshippers at a local Brighton church were recently forced to flee the service as, during the vicar’s sermon on the end of the world, a huge lead pipe fell through the church roof.  Someone trying to make a point perhaps…

On a more positive note, my horoscopes have reliably informed me that I am about to go into an adventurous mood, that incredible things will happen and this Christmas will be unforgettable.  Hopefully for once, they will get this one right!


2 Responses to “Nipples, Peeping Toms and the End of the World!”

  1. 1 Agnes Mildew December 10, 2007 at 6:25 am

    Where would I buy those fridge magnets from? Your news sounds just as stimulating as ours…

  2. 2 heather December 12, 2007 at 1:45 am

    So THAT’S why they wanted to take a cast of my boobs…i was wondering… 🙂

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